Based out of Stockton, CA, Vintage Street Photography is under the creative direction of Adrianne Street-Bussey, or as her friends call her, Addy. Beyond photography, Addy is a bellydancer and costume artist.


Artist Statement:


My journey to photography began with dance. Bellydance taught me that I am beautiful in my own way; it also sparked my love for creating costumes. I picked up a camera to document my costumes and the dancers that I love.  Shortly after, I discovered the magic that happens behind the camera.


I was looking for inspiration on where to start with describing my vision and I decided to pull a tarot card. The cards must have been reading my mind because I got The Tower. Usually a card that can hearken pain and destruction of some sort as a catalyst for change, many people get a small bit of panic at the sight of it. Yes, sometimes the journey can be scary, but what in life isn’t scary? Life is one big profound lesson that never stops.


When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I could have given up on life and let myself flounder through life in pain and sadness that I felt. This was my catalyst that brought about change.  I decided to embrace the lessons it taught me and found ways to not let it control my life. What seems like a curse to many, is actually a blessing to me. I learned about honesty, and being honest with myself so that I could find the things that ignite me to push past the limitations I had previously set for myself.


With my photography, I want to capture your catalyst, whether it be the happy and the sad, the good and the bad, the love, joy, heartbreak, triumph, laughter, tears, all of it. I want to capture YOU. I want to capture the heart of my subjects and save it for generations to come. There is beauty and wonder in everyone around us and I want to share that in my unique vision.


Divine and Sacred Feminine Project:


I once read an interview with a photographer (who shall remain nameless) in a magazine. In that interview, he said that student photographers will often use friends as models and that the pictures are good, but at the same time don’t jump out at you because the subjects are just “normal”. This must have nudged me the wrong way as dance has taught me that we are all beautiful in our own way and it helped to inspire this project.


For this project, I am going to be taking normal, everyday women, and put them in extraordinary roles. There is beauty in every person, and I want to cast a light to that beauty.

Research has shown, that our ancestors originally worshipped female deities. Women were worshipped as the creators of life. As time progressed, women became property, our voice cut off and unable to speak our truth. Only recently have women begun to be able to embrace our true natures. There are still women throughout the world who have their voices strangled. As women, our voice needs to be heard and celebrated. This project is how I bring attention to the voice of women.

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